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ABC FM New Waves Podcast Feature

This link will take you to the ABC FM New Waves Podcast where I was interviewed about my work and the recent International Composer Rostrum.  My 2015 piece for cello and vibraphone Re-echo was selected as one of three works to represent Australia at the 2016 edition of the Rostrum in Poland in May.

Stephen Adams: New Waves PODCAST with Katy Abbott June 2016

More details in the interview which includes the gorgeous recording of Re-echo with Claire Edwardes (vibraphone) and Julian Smiles (cello).

The score for Re-echo can be found at The Australian Music Centre site.

New discs

New discs

In the last 4 months, several pieces have been published on disc.  It's always terrific to be included on other people's discs and so I thank all these wonderful ensembles and organisations for commissioning and / or recording these works:

Midnight SongsEnsemble Three (includes my major work as the title track for flugel, trombone and guitar)

Making SignsSyzygy Ensemble (includes Sunburnt Aftertones, one of my very early and favourite pieces)

SoarGondwana Chorale (includes 'Fool' and 'Angry' from Words of Wisdom)

KingfisherHalcyon (includes Follow Me Through The Shadow: text by Jen Storer).

These albums can all be found on the discs page here.


Image: Thom Fraser (2015)

Image: Thom Fraser (2015)

Three animators respond to the music of Katy Abbott’s symphony Introduced Species.  Excerpts from movements 2 and 3 are heard here.  Paul Fletcher, Robert Stephenson and Thom Fraser use different styles of animation to capture the intention of the music.

The music takes its original launching point from a painting by artist Matthew Quick, Intrepid Travellers (2010) which depicts the 1992 event when almost 29,000 bath toys fell from a cargo ship travelling from Hong Kong to USA.

Movement 2 (Plummet) depicts the rubber duck bath toys falling from the ship amidst sun and glistening sea-spray.  

Movement 3 (Trash Vortex) references the ocean garbage patch in the North Pacific Region which is host to an enormous amount of the world’s rubbish / trash.

See animation on YouTube

For more information about the musical work Introduced Species including a free download of the analysis of Introduced Species, please visit ‘Resources’ or 'Introduced Species' at here.

More info about the artists: (Paul Fletcher) (Robert Stephenson) (Thom Fraser) (Matthew Quick)


Introduced Species Cover

I'll be posting some resources on this page occasionally.   To begin, here is a 30+ page analysis and process diary for secondary classroom use to accompany Introduced Species.  It was commissioned by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  The teacher resource document, is an in-depth look into the work, the compositional process and provides relevant active listening and composition activities for the classroom.  

The document has a various functions and could be utilised by way of familiarising students with the piece before the performance or as a resource for extended study in analysis and composition following the presentation and performance. The resource can be 'dipped into' as required or used as a whole.  Extra-musical topics include sustainability, creating intention and visual art and its relationship to music. Click HERE to download.

Upcoming performances in schools are with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in March 2015 and with Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in Hobart in June 2015.  Details on the Events page.

The score is available for purchase or hire through Australian Music Centre.