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Image: Thom Fraser (2015)

Image: Thom Fraser (2015)

Three animators respond to the music of Katy Abbott’s symphony Introduced Species.  Excerpts from movements 2 and 3 are heard here.  Paul Fletcher, Robert Stephenson and Thom Fraser use different styles of animation to capture the intention of the music.

The music takes its original launching point from a painting by artist Matthew Quick, Intrepid Travellers (2010) which depicts the 1992 event when almost 29,000 bath toys fell from a cargo ship travelling from Hong Kong to USA.

Movement 2 (Plummet) depicts the rubber duck bath toys falling from the ship amidst sun and glistening sea-spray.  

Movement 3 (Trash Vortex) references the ocean garbage patch in the North Pacific Region which is host to an enormous amount of the world’s rubbish / trash.

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For more information about the musical work Introduced Species including a free download of the analysis of Introduced Species, please visit ‘Resources’ or 'Introduced Species' at here.

More info about the artists: (Paul Fletcher) (Robert Stephenson) (Thom Fraser) (Matthew Quick)