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Hidden Thoughts Update

Although this project has taken longer than expected, the music is in its finishing stages.  Using the hidden thoughts of women, collected by anonymous survey, this work will have its first outing in 2018.  More details on this site in time. It's very pleasing to be on this side of the project and I dearly hope the music adds depth to the beautiful and raw words that were given to me.  The Song Company and Syzygy Ensemble will have the music by end of November and lucky us –we are rehearsing at the stunning UKARIA in February.

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New discs

New discs

In the last 4 months, several pieces have been published on disc.  It's always terrific to be included on other people's discs and so I thank all these wonderful ensembles and organisations for commissioning and / or recording these works:

Midnight SongsEnsemble Three (includes my major work as the title track for flugel, trombone and guitar)

Making SignsSyzygy Ensemble (includes Sunburnt Aftertones, one of my very early and favourite pieces)

SoarGondwana Chorale (includes 'Fool' and 'Angry' from Words of Wisdom)

KingfisherHalcyon (includes Follow Me Through The Shadow: text by Jen Storer).

These albums can all be found on the discs page here.

'Hidden Thoughts' Survey: Participants required

Would you like to hear your thoughts in performance?

I'm exploring the 'hidden thoughts' of women and will feature them in the piece.  The survey is completely anonymous and totally voluntary.  

This project is supported by Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and Australia Council for the Arts.

Begin Survey here

I'll be writing for The Song Company (Syd) and Syzygy Ensemble (Melbourne) and I'm thrilled to bring these to dynamic ensembles together.  

Thanks to Kaz Cooke for help with the survey design!  Please share the survey with your female friends from Australia and overseas.