Introduced Species (2013) commissioned by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra has had a variety of resources developed which I will list here for teachers, students and those interested.


Score and Parts

Composition Analysis and Teacher Resource: prepared by the composer.

  • includes analysis and discussion of writing process
  • Composition exercises for the classroom
  • 30-page document with musical examples
  • Available on this site

4-minute animation by 3 animators responding to the music of Introduced Species:

Archival Recording:

Representing Plastic - Blog Piece by Assoc. Prof Ruth Barcan (Centre for Gender and Cultural studies, Sydney University) about the Vivid Festival / Sydney Symphony event with Introduced Species

More resources are currently being developed for this work and will be added to this page.

Performances of Introduced Species to date:

  • March 2014 (4 performances) Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Dollman
  • March 2015 (4 performances) Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Dollman
  • June 2015 (1 performance) Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra / Northey
  • October 2016 (1 performance) Univeristy of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Russell
  • May/June 2018 (8 performances) Sydney Symphony Orchestra / Grandage
  • May 2018 (Vivid Festival/Sydney Ideas) Sydney Symphony Orchestra / Grandage