Thank you to those who have participated in the Hidden Thoughts anonymous survey over the past little while.  I've been gobsmacked by your generosity of heart.  I've had a huge amount of responses and the nature of the responses means I have plenty to ponder and reflect and use. The thoughts have been overwhelmingly generous and are all of the following: quirky, hilarious, gut-wrenching, confessional, thoughtful, polite, real, sad, sweet and very corageous. I've literally cried and laughed and wondered about you all.  Thank you.  I feel the weight of responsibility to do a great job representing your thoughts and mostly feel honoured that you shared them.  Lots of big sentiments here today but I do mean it.

I'm writing the piece now.  It is a 1 hr piece for The Song Company and Syzygy Ensemble.  It will be complete by the end of 2016 and we are now looking at performance for 2017.  As I mention this work to the people, I'm asked to keep people up-to-date and so I will include details of performances on this site.

The piece will be titled Hidden Thoughts: Reality's Near Edge.

The survey will remain open for the duration of 2016 until the writing is complete.  Please share it.