Aspects of Dreaming II (2018) 
Clarinet, violin and piano
ca. 10 minutes
Commissioned by and composed for Plexus

Premiere: December 3, 2018. See Events for details.

Hidden Thoughts: Reality's Near Edge (2017) 
The Song Company + Syzygy Ensemble (12 musicians)
60 minutes
Text: anonymous answers from this survey asking women for their 'hidden thoughts'

Commissioned with the assistance of Australia Council for the Arts (Arts Projects for Individuals)

Performance in 2019. More details to come.

ABC FM NewWaves Podcast: recording of the work and interview with Katy Abbott

Earth Lullaby (2017) 
Shakuhatchi + String Quartet (for the 5 Elements Project)
10 minutes
Commissioned by and composed for Enigma Quartet + Riley Lee

Re-echo (2015) 
Vibraphone + Cello
ca. 5:20 minutes
Composed and arranged for Claire Edwardes (pc) and Julian Smiles (cello)

Listen to ABC FM New Waves Podcast about Re-echo in the 2016 International Composers Rostrum (Poland). Includes full recording. Available on ABC Classics Kammerbox: Claire Edwardes.

Midnight Songs (2013)
For Flugel Horn, Trombone + Acoustic Guitar
24 minutes (approximately)
Commissioned by Three: Don Immel & Joel Brennan with Melbourne Conservatorium of Music
Premiered in China September 2013.

Recorded on Ensemble Three's debut disc Midnight Songs (Tall Poppies)

UndercurrenT II (2017)
Trumpet in Bb, Trombone and Electric Guitar
10 minutes
Original version commissioned by HD Duo with University of Sydney.
New version arranged for Ensemble Three for recording in 2017.

Valentine (2011)
String Quartet (also available for flute and piano)
7:30 minutes 
Commissioned by Stewart Taylor for his wife Mary Taylor.

Music for Demons (2010)
Alto Flute/Flute, Bass Clarinet in Bb and Piano
8 minutes
Commissioned: Syzygy Ensemble 
Premiere: September 5, 2010, Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne
This work is a companion piece for Making Angels (2001)

(Also available for Piano Trio and Cl/cello/piano versions)

The Empty Quarter (2008)
Percussion Duo and Cello 
15 minutes 
Commissioned by: LyreBird Music Society 
Premiere: October 10, 2008, Collision Theory (pc) and Caerwen Martin (cello)

It Is Just The Heart (2006) 
Song Cycle for soprano + string quartet 
25 minutes 
Text: Katy Abbott 
Supported by: Australia Council for the Arts Music Board 
Premiere: Halcyon (Alison Morgan) and Flinders Quartet, Star Clusters at Angel Place, Sydney 

No Ordinary Traveller (2006) 
Song Cycle for mezzo-soprano + mixed trio 
25 minutes 
Text: Jacki Holland 
Commissioned: Halcyon and Arts Victoria 
Premiere: Halcyon (Mezzo-sop Jenny Duck-Chong), Fox Studios 30th September 2006 

Making Angels (2001)
Flute, clarinet in Bb and piano
7 minutes
Composed for New York Composers Ensemble
Premiere: August 2001, Florence Italy
This work has a companion piece: Music for Demons (2010)

(Also available as a version for piano trio)

Egyptian Wish (2001)
soprano saxophone trio 
7 minutes 
Composed for Barry Cockcroft 
Published: Reed Music 

Sunburnt Aftertones (2001)
Fl, Cl, Vln, Vlc, Pc and Pno 
5 minutes 
Composed for Zurich Ensemble of New Music, ANAM young composers seminar 
Premiere:October 10, 2001, South Melbourne Town Hall, Zurich Ensemble for New Music

Autumn Song (1995/rev.2001)
Mixed Trio 
5 minutes 
Published: Reed Music 
Please see Solo Music for other instrumentation 

Vertical Horizon (2000)
String Quartet 
9:45 minutes 
Premiere: November 2000, Flinders Quartet, Melbourne